a k u s t i k u

"kita tak boleh menghalang takdir, melainkan Takdir yang menghalang kita..."

Ahad, 24 Februari 2008

when you've already told yourself that life is not going your way unless you've decided to change it, it somehow give yourself a boost of confidence that you can make it. Knowing that you've thought about this yourself made you think that you are absolutely independent in this matter... and so you'd believe the grass is greener on the other side.

But when someone else made a point how much a loser you are, your life became meaningless..

... life is cruel..

Sabtu, 2 Februari 2008


my name is... well, here in the world-wide-web i'm more known as shooqie.

my life is pretty much at a normal-level right now, and i'm starting to get bored. I need to decide to take the other road before it's too late, or more accurately, before i'm starting to get too old for this.

i've decided to go to that audition.. i hope that it'll at least can change my life.